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It takes a ton of work to keep a service and repair shop running smoothly, but we can make it easier. Our service and repair shop software has been designed from the ground up with the goal of creating an all-in-one solution that most businesses can use to keep everything perfectly organized.

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Your Most Important Functions All in One Place

Our unique user interface allows you to reach everything from one screen. That means instant access to service requests, billing, customer relationships, scheduling and work orders. You or your employees can also manage your tasks easily and intuitively. This information is helpfully arranged in tabs so that you can easily transition back and forth from one page to get the information you need. Employees can be automatically assigned.

This new combination of smooth organization and utility means that you will always be able to find the information that you are searching for.

Simplify Estimates and Billing

With mHelpDesk, you can create professional estimates just by filling in the proper fields. This means that you can make and submit attractive estimates very quickly. Faster, more professional estimates mean a competitive edge for you. mHelpDesk also makes billing incredibly fast and easy. Invoices can be easily added to any work order you’ve created for instant billing. Quickbooks is fully-integrated, and your spreadsheets can be directly imported.

Wave Goodbye to Paperwork

Running a service and repair shop involves a ton of paperwork, but it doesn’t have to. mHelpDesk allows you to digitize all of the documents you need to track orders, invoices and other common records. You can also backup all of these records to make sure that you’re always protected from any kind of accident. This makes organization easier for every kind of business, especially service and repair shops.

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