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Carpet cleaning can be a tough business, but mHelpDesk can make it simple. mHelpDesk’s cleaning  software is the all-in-one business program that carpet cleaners have been waiting for. This unmatched software brings together all the functions of your business into one easy and intuitive interface.


Easy Order Tracking and Updates

mHelpDesk allows carpet cleaners to easily track and update your orders in real time. Your orders are organized together on one screen where you can easily scan customer information and work order status. Everything you need to know about each order is also combined onto one screen with handy tabbed browsing. From one screen, you can view all work order details including estimates, invoices, hours logged by your professionals and any messages or files that are matched to that work order.
Any updates you make to work orders will update live where your employees in the field can view them with a wide range of popular devices.

Integrated Scheduling and Dispatching

Using one program to manage your work orders will already save your dozens of wasted hours a week, but mHelpDesk can also help you manage your employees. You can easily create graphic schedules, and change them just by clicking-and-dragging each shift where you need it to go. You can even auto assign. Entire weekly schedules can be created or adjusted in minutes. Imagine being free from having entire days wasted because of customers who cancelled their carpet cleaning appointments without notice.

Record Keeping Made Simple

Poor record keeping can be one of the biggest liabilities for any business. mHelpDesk makes record keeping so easy that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Say goodbye to all of your paperwork, because most of your records can be created in and preserved by mHelpDesk. Customers can even sign estimates and invoices through mHelpDesk with any of the popular touch tablet devices.

Over 10,000 companies trust mHelpDesk

Don’t just take our word for it - check out some real-life examples of how companies have thrived using mHelpDesk

  • Reduced Billing Cycles

    Lance Jehn at Encompass – “We absolutely love mHelpDesk. It has sped up our billing cycle from 45 days to virtually instantaneous.”

  • Save More Time

    Nick May at Walls By Design – “All I know is that I’m not having to double entry everything. Everything is one place. It’s been great.”

  • Efficient and Effective

    David Waldy at Computer Paramedics – “mHelpDesk has created a one-stop-shop for our business to efficiently and effectively handle every customer.”


A dedicated support team for a seamless transition to mobile

Our Customer Success team will help you get started with mHelpDesk’s software, and is committed to helping your Carpet Cleaning business succeed. In addition, mHelpDesk has the following learning resources to help you master mHelpDesk:

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