Our unlimited packages scale with your business and provide the tools you need to grow. We’re so confident you’ll be happy we offer a money back guarantee.

$ 124 per month
2 Users 50 Jobs
per month
$ 249 per month
Unlimited Users 250 Jobs
2500 SMS
per month
$ 499 per month
Unlimited Users Unlimited Jobs
5000 SMS
per month

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What is the benefit of “unlimited users”?

Never worry about per-user fees. With our “unlimited user” packages you can add all your sub-contractors, part time staff, or seasonal workers for maximum efficiency without increasing costs. Your monthly subscription with mHelpDesk will stay low and consistent even during your busiest season. In addition, you will never have to delete a user to make room for another one to stay under a user threshold.

What is a “job”?

A job is something that you actually work on. Typically, a job starts with a lead who receives an estimate. Once that estimate is won it turns into a won “job”. When the job is complete an invoice is sent to the customer. Everything after the estimate phase is considered one job. With our packages, you receive unlimited leads and estimates for free.

Do leads count as jobs?

No. You can import and add an unlimited number of leads (some people call these “opportunities”) into mHelpDesk, and they will only be counted as a job when you create an estimate, work order, or invoice for that lead.

Do estimates count as jobs?

No. You can create unlimited estimates and they will not be counted as a job until the estimate is approved and the lead is converted into a true job.

If I add an estimate, job, and invoice for the same customer, does that count as one job?

Yes. If you are creating an estimate, job, or invoice for the same scope of work it only counts as a singular job.

Are there any overage fees?

Each plan comes with a generous number of jobs that you can manage on a monthly basis. When you go over the allocated number of jobs in your plan, you will be charged a small overage fee for each job over that threshold. Overage fees are typically between $2 and $3 dollars per additional job. See the above pricing plans for details. If you are consistently receiving overage fees you may want to consider upgrading you plan.

What is a “user”?

A user is anybody that can login and access your company’s mHelpDesk account. It could be an owner, manager, or technician. mHelpDesk offers three types of users: the “Admin” user can modify account settings, view all account data, create, and receive jobs; the “Manager” can do everything the Admin can do except modify account settings; and the “Staff” user can create and receive work for themselves.

Do I need to buy services?

No. While we highly recommend our Premium Services, they are completely optional. They are designed to help you get set up quickly, as well as brand and personalized your account. To learn more about our Premium Services, click here.