What Is Mhelpdesk?

Mhelpdesk is the fastest, easiest, most reliable field service management software solution. It’s the only all-in-one app that gives you complete visibility over your work orders, technicians, scheduling, and billing. It’s as easy as pie.

I went from being a scattered tornado of lost papers to 1000% more organized.
I went from being a scattered tornado of lost papers and post-it notes (and never-collected invoices) to a sensible and organized system that is 1000% more sane and dignified than my old system ever was.

-Angela Henderson @Built By Mom

Our customer information is now available 24/7.
Before using Mhelpdesk, our service technicians would have to call into the main office and have our office manager look up the information on the computer. Naturally this wasted time. Now that we have Mhelpdesk, all of our customer information is available 24/7 and easily accessible through a computer, iPad, or iPhone.

-Ernie Tretola @ADE Heating And Cooling

I can even check on staff using my iPhone while vacationing in the Bahamas!
Before Mhelpdesk we relied heavily on paperwork for details, customer info and job flow. There were countless times when paper work went missing or got damaged causing our work to slow down. With Mhelpdesk it never happens anymore. I now have an organized system and can even check on staff using my iPhone when I’m vacationing in the Bahamas!

-John Lau @The John Lau Guitar Repair Center

As a mobile tech Mhelpdesk is perfect.
Before Mhelpdesk I had to remote into my Quickbooks on my office PC to send invoices. Collecting payment was a two step process with yet another program. Now it’s all in the Mhelpdesk app! I have it on my phone and tablet. I send the invoice, walk into the manager’s office, they ask for the invoice, I tell them it’s in their email. It really helps me look even more professional.

-James Phillips@Atlanta Computers LLC

Who We Are

Mhelpdesk was voted The #1 Field Service Software Solution by Software Advice, and made Capterra’s “Top 10 Field Service Management Software Solutions”. Since 2007, we’ve been working closely with a wide range of small-businesses from field services to IT services. Just google “Mhelpdesk Review” to see what the public thinks about Mhelpdesk. It’s a crowd favorite!