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Field Service Management — Simplified!

Field Service Management in any industry is extremely difficult. Many managers have crumbled under the pressure to keep their employees active in the right places when they are spread out all over the map. Effective field service management requires tons of data and communication, and that’s where Mhelpdesk comes through.

Mhelpdesk can make your field service management more effective than ever before with instant scheduling and dispatching, live updates for techs in the field, and simplified work order tracking for every job.

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Easy to Use

Mike Meekins at Comtura Networks"Mhelpdesk was the first product that we found that was both affordable and met all our needs."

Save More Time

Nick May at Walls By Design"All I know is that I'm not having to double entry everything. Everything is one place. It's been great."

Work Anywhere

Richard Barteck at Ottawa PC Repair"I can go home at night and if I forget something at the office, I can jump online and BOOM-everything is right there."

Instant Scheduling and Dispatching

Mhelpdesk makes scheduling and dispatching easier than you ever could have imagined. Schedules can be quickly created inside our program, though Mhelpdesk is also completely compatible with Google Calendar. Once schedules are created, they can be changed just by tapping and dragging orders and employees to the right place. Techs in the field can track their dispatching duties immediately as they receive updates in real time.

Keep Field Techs Updated in Real Time

The simple interface and live updates of Mhelpdesk makes keeping your field techs updated as simple as possible. Your Mhelpdesk dashboard can be accessed by all of your employees using today’s most popular handheld devices. They’ll never need to call for new assignments or information because everything they need to know will already be at their fingertips. Schedules can be changed without causing any confusion in the ranks.

Easily Track Billed Hours for Each Job

Mhelpdesk puts all the information you need for each job at your fingertips. That includes simplified hour tracking. From their Mhelpdesk accounts, your employees can start and pause their hours. You can track where each employee is with each job and how long it takes them to complete. This can allow you to smoothly transition your techs to where they are needed the most.

I went from being a scattered tornado of lost papers to 1000% more organized.

I went from being a scattered tornado of lost papers and post-it notes (and never-collected invoices) to a sensible and organized system that is 1000% more sane and dignified than my old system ever was.

Angela Henderson at Built By Mom
Our customer information is now available 24/7.

Before using Mhelpdesk, our service technicians would have to call into the main office and have our office manager look up the information on the computer. Naturally this wasted time. Now that we have Mhelpdesk, all of our customer information is available 24/7 and easily accessible through a computer, iPad, or iPhone.

Ernie Tretola at ADE Heating And Cooling
The Ultimate All-In-One Solution
Complete Visiblity

Get complete visibility over your staff, service tickets, scheduling, and billing. Quickly check the status of both staff & customers using your favorite device.


Create forms based on your type of work and business rules. Mhelpdesk offers over 20 customizable options to create your dream solution.

Mobile Cloud

Equip your techs with a mobile device and let Mhelpdesk keep them connected to the home office. Managers get real-time updates to speed up billing.